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Be calm, be smart and proceed with caution...

I know we have been overwhelmed with lots of information about the Coronavirus. It's hard to remain calm when words like "Emergency" and "Pandemic" are thrown around constantly but the best we can do is be calm, be smart and proceed with caution.


Telementalhealth (Online Counseling)

Things are changing almost daily with COVID-19 and I want to ensure we can continue to work on your counseling goals uninterrupted. At this time we will only be meeting online to continue with our sessions.


To connect, you can visit the portal with any electronic device or you can download the app This is a safe, HIPAA compliant application similar to "FaceTime" or other video conferencing app. If this option gets overloaded I do have another platform available. 


When using this modality, I usually recommend wearing headphones and finding a private space where you can talk freely. You can also cover the camera if it makes you uneasy. You can schedule an appointment through the portal as always.


New Hours

I have expanded our hours to better serve you and provide more flexibility.

Monday 9 am-3 pm

Tuesday 9 am-1 pm  4:30-7:30pm

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 9 am-1 pm  4:30-7:30pm

Friday 9 am-1 pm



If you need to contact me at any point, I would prefer a text at 469-993-0955 or email at You can also call and leave a voicemail but it will take me longer to reply.


See you soon,


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