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Ariella Rodriguez

I was born and raised in Austin Texas it was always my dream to go to The University of Texas at Austin. Growing up in a Hispanic household and being a part of a lower-income neighborhood, I saw the need for more mental health professionals that looked like my peers and me and knew what it was like to be like us.

I graduated with a degree in Psychology in December of 2017 and moved to Dallas in 2018 to pursue a Master’s Degree. I am currently in my last year of graduate school at Dallas Baptist University and plan to have a Master’s of Professional Counseling by December 2020. As a practicum student, I look forward to growing, learning and becoming more educated on what being a Professional Counselor truly means, and the impact I can make on my community and ones like it.

As a counselor, it is my oath to you to be your teammate. I will experience every part of this journey with you. I will empathize with you, and I will listen. We are a team, but you are the one who leads me, you are the one who knows your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs and I am here to learn from you as we reach our goals together during every session. I promise to be a safe space for you, where you can speak without feeling judged and your voice will always be heard. 

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